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Private Yoga Instruction
By Howard Earle Halpern, MA (Psychology)

Yoga — The "Hottest Mind/Body Pursuit" in America

Paradoxically, yoga — the ancient science from India — has earned the dubious distinction of becoming, in the words of Self magazine, the "hottest mind/body pursuit" in America (July 1998, p. 6). Why is this? There are many reasons, among them the fact that many have found their native or pre-existing approaches to religion or spirituality lacking in certain areas.

Whether these native approaches are in fact deficient is a matter of debate. The Hindu tradition from which yoga derives has deep respect for all major religions. Nonetheless, many Canadians and Americans, for whatever reason, are not receiving what they need from traditional Western approaches and are turning to the East for solace.

In fact, since the Self quote appeared in 1998, yoga has gained wider and wider acceptance by the and medico-psychotherapeutic establishment, who are becoming increasingly sensitive to detrimental effects of protracted mental and physical stress upon the human organism.

One of the needs experienced by the boomer population is that for a system of physical culture which is non-violent, emphasizes organic — rather than simply muscular — development, and is integrated with our non-physical being. Yoga is, in fact, the only spiritual approach of which I am aware that incorporates a physical regimen, and it is often the physical benefits that induce Westerners to consider yoga in the first place.

When I was introduced to yoga in 1969, I was a very tense person. I experienced in yoga a sense of relaxation I had neither achieved nor imagined.

Yoga can be defined in many ways. I think of it as a comprehensive system of self-development incorporating physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual benefits. These include:

  • Increased flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and stamina.
  • Normalization of body weight, cardiovascular development, increase in energy level.
  • Overall improved functioning of organs and glands.
  • Improved concentration and calmness; ability to detach; and earned self-esteem.

I say "earned" because today, self-esteem is often acquired through mere affirmation. But it is only temporary, because there is nothing to back it up with. When it is earned, you know why you deserve it, and nobody can take it away from you.

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Yoga Services

Private yoga instruction is available in North York, Ontario, for individuals, couples and small groups of up to four persons. Lessons in hatha yoga (physical exercise), nutrition (vegetarian diet), and meditation are available. The style of yoga taught is classical East Indian.

In addition, I am available for speaking engagements, media appearances, and seminars relating to the study and practice of yoga. Here are some thought-provoking ideas:
  • Yoga as a way of life
  • Is yoga philosophy compatible with life in the West?
  • How to avoid accumulation of stress, through practice of yoga
  • Is it selfish to put priority on one's own, individual development?
  • Is self-reliance a virtue?
  • What do people mean when they say "I love you"?
  • Who am I?
  • Where does mind go in deep sleep?
  • Higher self vs. lower self
  • The best prayer
  • The best motivator
  • How to know if there is a God
  • How long does it take:
    • For a prayer to be heard?
    • To receive benefit from prayer?
  • How long should one wait for a prayer to be answered?
  • Techniques for self-discipline
  • Must one choose to experience pain in order to cope with loss?
  • Do you have to know why you do something in order to stop doing it?
  • Must you understand the genesis of a problem in order to overcome it?
  • Is it helpful to dwell on past mistakes?
  • The single greatest cause of human misery
  • How yoga explains phenomena that are not otherwise explained
  • Why I accept responsibility for every negative thing that happens to me
  • Does negativity exist?
  • Is denial always wrong?
  • Is it possible to experience pain without its being someone's fault?
  • Is the practice of contentment merely a means of avoiding responsibility?
  • Is it always unethical to tell an untruth?
  • "Degrees of reality" in yoga
  • How much control do we actually have over our lives?
  • What are the attributes of the human mind?
  • Is human nature necessarily good?
  • Is spontaneity always virtuous?
  • Can there be 100% security on the physical plane?
  • Faith as discipline
  • The ideal marriage
  • How to develop trust
We prefer to discuss fee information over the phone rather than by email. Click here for our telephone number.

Hours of Yoga Instruction

Appointments are available 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days. But you can get live information 365¼ x 24 x 7 by telephone.

Qualifications of Yoga Instructor

Howard E. Halpern (aged 54) in Aug. 2004 - I'm younger now, but this still looks like me
NOTE: A colleague remarked that the man in the photograph is not appropriately dressed for this website, and of course, she is correct. But I decided to keep it until I have a chance to acquire one that is less suitable.
My experience with yoga spans more than 35 years. I hold a certificate bearing the signature of His Holiness Swami Chidananda Saraswati, successor to the late Swami Sivananda. Chidananda is President of THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY, located in the village of Muni-Ki-Reti, near Rishikesh, India.

The certificate documents the completion of a four-day training program in yoga. It was obtained in 1992 during a period of nearly five months in which I lived and travelled throughout India. I attended numerous lectures, participated in a course of vedantic study, resided at an ashram (yogic monastery), rendered selfless service and made pilgrimage to holy sites.

I have instructed yoga at such institutions as UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (Department of Physical Education), Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, North York Board of Education, York County Board of Education, York Region YMCA. Under my own auspices, I established a course at York University and taught yoga to both staff and students.

In addition, I published several articles dealing — in whole or in part — with yoga, including paid articles in Miss Chatelaine, (now Flare) and Score, Canada's national golf magazine. My Eastern training is supplemented by a Master of Arts in psychology from the University of Regina.

Fitting the practice of meditation into my busy schedule has not been easy. I struggled with this for many years. However, in April 2004, I had a breakthrough: I was able to arrange my affairs so as to practice meditation daily. Since then, I have averaged approximately 25 minutes per day. It has made a world of difference.

I also practice physical exercises and study the writings of yogic saints, on a daily basis. I practice asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), kriyas (purification exercises), bandhas (locks), and mudras (gestures).

Unless one actually engages in regular spiritual practice, one cannot begin to imagine the benefits; they pervade all facets of life. This is particularly important for a teacher. If teachers can't motivate themselves to practice, how can they motivate their students? If students don't practice, how much can they realistically expect to benefit? For this reason, I consider regular, systematic practice one of the most important qualifications of a spiritual teacher.


Yoga-Related Services

Further information is available at the following Websites:

Affordable Counselling ®
Here I reveal the major techniques I use to help people overcome individual and interpersonal difficulties, reduce stress and achieve fulfilment. I often incorporate elements of yoga philosophy into my counselling sessions. I was surprised to find how open people in Toronto are to yoga concepts—even those with no previous exposure to yoga.

Change Your CharacterTM
A more detailed site, touching on the moral and spiritual aspects of self-development and espousing values consistent with classical East-Indian yoga.

Location for Yoga Instruction

My office (which serves as my yoga studio) is situated in Downsview, Ontario, near the intersection of Wilmington Avenue and Overbrook Place. "Downsview" is a postal zone within the community of North York, in the city of Toronto — the fifth largest in North America, after Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.


By calling toll free 1 877 866 54-54, you can speak to somebody about yoga instruction, live, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365¼ days per year. Please let the phone ring until the connection is established. Someone will answer live, usually within 30 seconds. Ours is one of the few yoga organizations in greater Toronto that offers this level of service.
Kindly address snailmail to Howard Earle Halpern, 167 Pannahill Road, Downsview, Ontario, Canada  M3H 4N6.

Call 24 Hrs 7 Days:  1  877  866  54 -  54

1  866 844 3210  Back -Up  or  (416)  410  7 - 24 - 7  Toronto

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Yoga Services
Ideas Arising From
Practice of Yoga

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